8 Foot Double Doors

Every door's prices includes a paint grade frame and exterior molding as part of the deal. The only time the prices change is if you decide to change frames from standard wood to a No-Rot frame. If you would like more information about the No-Rot frames, Click Here to learn more.

Arched 6-Lite

Material: Wood Grain Fiberglass

Glass: Clear Beveled Edge

Description: A simple and clean wood grain fiberglass designed door. Clear glass with beveled edges and an arched design, emphasizing its status.

Price: $ 2999


Material: Wood Grain Fiberglass

Glass: Kingsville 3/4 Cut

Description:  The Kingsville doesn't sit idly by, it flaunts it's regal status into the heart of your home.

Price: $2499

Arched Landmark

Material: Wood Grain Fiberglass

Glass: Halifax Arch Top 3/4 Cut

Description: A beautiful 8ft arch top design with a wood grain fiberglass base. Perfect for stain or paint.

Price: $2899


Knotty Alder Crossbuck

Material: Smooth Fiberglass

Glass: Beveled Edge 3/4 Cut

Description: A very rustic/farmhouse inspired design, perfect for anyone feeling crafty.

Price: $2799


3/4 6-Lite 

Material: Wood Grain Fiberglass


Glass: 6-Lite 3/4 Cut

Description: Smooth clear glass or a more privacy centered glass design perfect for any front opening.

Price: $2799



Material: Mahogany Wood

Glass: Fountain 3/4-Cut

Description: An intricate design that encompasses the upper portion of the door. The central focus of the door mimics a fountain with it's beveled edges.

Price: $2599