Why buy a No-Rot Frame?

Is water and rain heavily hitting your door? Already having rotting issues like the pictures below? Maybe your just looking to protect your new door in the coming years as extra insurance?


If you said yes to any of those questions, then we recommend upgrading to a No-Rot Frame where it's guaranteed never to rot on you again. Upgrading to a No-Rot Frame guarantees your frame to be rot proof, with the bottom 6 inches of the frame being made out of a composite material that won't rot. It comes with PVC exterior molding to help combat weather damage as well, and we recommend painting both the door and the frame to help preserve both your door and frame even further. 

Framesaver protects your home from rot

The No-Rot Frame by FrameSaver comes with a lifetime, transferable warranty, protecting your entryway from the elements. Frame rot can be caused by ground contact such as leaf/mulch buildup around your door, or excess water exposure due to damaged gutters. Even worse, rotting frames increase the risk of termite damage to your home. Protecting yourself and your home with FrameSaver's No-Rot frame should be a choice when you make your door installation selection.